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Fiverr tips while complete order

I need clear information, If I complete my logo design for my clients & also deliver on time but due to the unavailability of a client if he/she accepts the file after time period & makes it delay (like 9/10 hours). Does it make any impact on my profile or gig?
How to solve this type of situation?


Hi there…

Answer: NO…, It won’t accept your gig performance.
As long as you deliver the first before timeline…, then you are safe.
Even if your order state as “LATE”.

PS: IF you are planning to offer extras…, DON’T FORGET to add the time more than the original deadline.


Thank you very much sir! it’s really helpful to me.

NO. If you have delivered your order on time. Then, it will not affect your profile at all.
Late delivery, and cancellation kills your profile.


Thank you very much for your reply

Thanks! :exploding_head: I always wonder, cause even if I deliver on time, when clients don´t mark the order as completed, I suffer! and sometimes after the deadline they ask for revisions also terrible​:part_alternation_mark: I have been looking for this info in the TOS. But I didn’t found it.
My delivery time has decrease since I delivered twice for a client that did’t mark complete, so after delivering on time, and waiting for his completed mark​:carrot:I re-delivered​:radioactive:︎ Yes, I did! After deadline. I guess that is a mark hard to erase. :cold_face: Thanks @ridwansugi It is great to know that clients unavailability doesn’t affect my profile.
Let me add questions to @ronjon441 : If the client or myself ask for a time extension or if my client asks for a revision (before deadline) and I accept. Would’t it affect my profile?