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Fiverr to payoneer money transfer issue

I have transferred money from fiverr to my payoneer which is linked to my bank account. My payoneer is showing zero balance but below it says that the amount transaction is successful and in “activity>transaction” section it says that the amount is transferred to bank account but I don’t want to receive that amount in my bank I want to keep it in my payoneer. And I did not transfer that amount from my payoneer to bank. Moreover, I haven’t received the amount in bank yet. Can someone please guide me?
Thank you!

Muhammad Usama

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Hey, Please wait for 3 days you will get your frist payment in your bank ac,don’t worry bro. thanks.

Once you transferred from your fiver account you will receive a mail. Check you mail and from mail you have to select options to immediate transaction or day 3 transaction. After that only it will come to your payoneer account