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Fiverr to Payoneer

Hi, there can anybody let what’s going on here.
I transferred money on 29 may 2020 and still did not get it in my Payoneer account. Can anyone please help me out what the problem is and did anyone faced it before?

You should have received an email from Payoneer and there it states the exact date/time the money will reach your account.

If you choose the $3 option it should’ve been loaded on your account within 2 hours, but if was the $1 then it takes 2 or 3 working (don’t remember which).

You transferred on a Friday, so both Saturday and Sunday won’t count towards your final date, as those are not working days, so everything is normal with your case.

TO be extra sure I’d recommend going through the link in the email Payoneer has sent you to know exactly which day the money will be available in your account.

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