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Fiverr ToDo List | Acting Strangely [KNOWN ISSUE]


I dont know if anyone else has experienced this but from the past 24 hours my ToDo list acting strange. It shows the username under the task but when I click on that particular task, whether its to Rate a buyer experience or to delivery an order etc, the user name on the order page is totally different.

So for example if I see [USER123] has an order in my ToDo list, I click on it, on the order page it will be [USER987], totally different, now [USER987] is the actual user who placed an order but the user name under the same order in my ToDo is entirely different.

I have cleared browsing history and cache, refreshed everything, switched browsers, but problem is still there with random orders in the ToDo list. Its very annoying and messes up orders as well.

If any one has experienced the same problem please let me know how to troubleshoot or is it something from the server side.

Looking forward guys,


Admin Note: Just in case it helps to have this at the top, Fiverr is aware of the issue and working on it. It is still fine to submit tickets if you feel you really need to, but take note that sometimes that slows down the process on known issues since so many tickets come in.

I am having the same problems too, and I have no idea what the cause is.
So far it hasn’t really messed up my orders yet, but it does worry me.
maybe I’ll ask CS.

Its annoying, Ive screen captured the problem and sent the video to CS, lets see whats happens.


Noticed this too,seems like a new bug.

Same here. I contacted fiverr support and they said that they are aware and will fix it soon.

I’m having the same problem. Must be a larger issue.

I have not had that issue knocks on wood
but have you tried a different web browser or checked to see if your web browser has an update?

Same thing here. Also, randomly received an offer from a seller but I haven’t posted any request. I have contacted the seller and asked why did he sent offer to me as I didn’t posted request? He said that he sent to a different buyer.

Same thing happened! I’ve just opened the Fiverr Forum to search for this issue, and there it is! I hope they’ll take care of it soon.

Yes, I have noticed this on my Todo’s list from past 12 hours too.
Seems like a new bug which is not yet fixed.

The Todo’s list is pretty confusing from a while now and difficult to figure out who’s the real buyer from there Until you click & open the original order page.

Hopefully Fiverr Team has taken a note already and is working on it.
Let’s just hope this gets fixed soon.

I tried 3 different browsers, all up to date. Cleared History and cache, I guess its a server side issue.


You’ve got to be careful with this, its happening a lot these days and genuine sellers are somehow ending up having their accounts flagged.

Have the same issue.
Also the new orders aren’t showing in the list.

I’m having the same issues :frowning: Really confusing me. Different names on worksheet than the order page and five that I delivered this morning have appeared back on my worksheet under different user names. I’m getting really confused :frowning:

Happening to me today! Came here to find out what’s up and am glad it’s not just me and Fiverr is aware of the problem. Thanks all!

I think this is a known issue. I know it’s happening to lots of people. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I haven’t heard of anyone having in error in actual delivery (yet) but feel free to contact CS as needed. I imagine they are getting a lot of tickets on this.

same problem here, I hope it will be fixed soon.

I have experienced problems with my notifications. For example, when someone orders a gig and I click on that particular notification it is there, just as should be. However, when I go back to it, all of my notifications are duplicates from a buyer that I had gotten a notification from almost a month ago.

Thank god for my dashboard, because with my situation if I wasn’t able to see my notifications on the dashboard, I wouldn’t be able to get back into my new notifications.

It seems that there is a lot of freaky stuff going on lately with certain little glitches on here.

I am also experiencing the same problem. Hope support fixes the issue ASAP.

Experiencing the same thing here, hope the fix it soon