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Fiverr too difficult to navigate

I’m trying to find the feedback form for a seller, (who is ignoring my revision, cancellation and refund requests) his work was TERRIBLE, BUT I find navigating round the app ridiculously convoluted and find myself constantly having to go on line or the forum to find the answers, which more often than not don’t even help, as I still can’t find the feedback form!!!
My first visit to this site/app has been REALLY disappointing and as a business owner looking for numerous services, might have to try elsewhere and tell my associates likewise.

Hi there! :sunny:

You’ll find the feedback form on the order page, but you can only leave feedback when the order is complete, so not if it’s cancelled and refunded etc.

Please don’t shoot the messenger - it’s just how it works. :wink:


But what if the seller is ignoring you and is not returning, cancelling or revising your order. This means they could keep on doing this to buyers and get NO negative feedback (which is what I base my decision on), which in turn will just give the entire site a poor reputation.

Hi mickystokoe,

You can reach the Fiverr Support and get it sorted at the earliest.


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The only way they won’t get a negative feedback is if you can’t leave it, by cancelling the gig and getting a refund.

I totally get what you’re saying, but if every buyer were able to leave a negative feedback and get a refund, the whole site would become lawless. Sellers would be (potentially) opening second accounts just to bring their competition’s ratings down.

As @rahulgraphics said, I think it’s probably time to speak to CS.

Good luck! :sunny:


Unfortunately that just makes it impossible to tell if the person you’re purchasing from is reputable and has the talent they purport, as demonstrated. Surely if a buyer pays for AND ACCEPTS the sellers work, then they shouldn’t be allowed to leave negative feedback. However, as in my case, a seller claims to have the talent, takes your money, produces shoddy work then ignores ALL correspondence, how are we, as buyers, to let others know so they don’t keep on doing it??? Thanks for your input :blush::blush:

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A big THANK YOU to all those taking time to reply, much appreciated.
All sorted now, apart from the inability to leave feedback for a poor seller, thanks again…especially the CS team for looking at my case.

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Have you accepted the order as complete?

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No. I asked for a revision and he refused saying it was the best he could do, then ignored all correspondence.
However, CS stepped in and resolved the matter. :blush::blush: But, as I’ve been saying, if a person isn’t able to leave negative feedback, how can you tell who is honest and capable???


Although there isn’t a way to personally leave feedback, if you open a support ticket and submit the information concerning your entire issue Fiverr will likely have the seller reviewed by the editorial team which in turn would be at a disadvantage to the seller.

Again, this won’t leave a negative review, in order to leave a review you’ll have to accept the delivery, but, my initial idea would probably have the seller lowered in placement and some other technical details.

I see that support has already resolved the issue. Wonderful.

I’ll give you a short run down on how I determine whether or not to purchase from a particular seller.

  • Communication
  • Previous reputable/quality projects
  • Inital project starts out small, which usually leads to a long-term friendship. I start a small order just to see how willing and capable they are, because after all , I need commitment if I plan on working with them in the future.

Overall, sellers must do their due diligence before initiating any sort of project.


Personally I generally don’t buy from any low cost sellers with 100% positive feedback precisely for that reason.

There are exceptions where I have tried people out if they do something I particularly want, present their gig well etc.

I am much happier working with people who charge a bit more, refuse to cancel orders on demand and therefore have negative feedback.


Been there and done that. :zipper_mouth_face:



If you can spare a moment, will you explain a little more what this statement means:

people who charge a bit more, refuse to cancel orders on demand and therefore have negative feedback.

What would be a short scenario of this?

Well, this is not shorter but to explain what I mean;
While a seller with “all 5-star reviews” may seem like the ideal person to hire, experience has told me that it is not a perfect indicator. In fact, it seems that a lot or at least some people keep their 100% record by cancelling orders if they think they wont get 5 stars. This could be any number of reviews and I have found that those who have had a couple of bad reviews tend to be more professional.

If a seller offers a “happy or cancel” service, it is likely the cost is low, or at least the amount of work is low and therefore, it is not a big deal for them to cancel. If there is a lot of work involved in a job, the seller is not going to just cancel after doing the work - they want to be paid. This may mean the buyer leaves a (potentially unfair) negative review.

If a seller offers such a refund policy, how much work can they be doing on projects?
Do I want to hire someone who doesn’t spend much time on my project? NO!

This is not a perfect assessment and there are exceptions of course but I have to say I get dubious when I see a seller with a lot of sales and a 100% rating, especially if that service delivers a subjective product.


Thank you. That helped me to understand more. But how can a person suspect that they may not get 5 stars? You mean if the buyer asks for more beyond what the gig offers, and the seller does not want to comply? Then he/she would simply cancel the order?