Fiverr took away my level 1 seller badge without proper reason


I started with Fiverr about a 2 months back and I was really happy with the I am doing great here, I was Level 1 Seller and was getting contacted by buyers around the globe

But just a few minutes I back I received an email from Fiverr saying they have took away my badge because I do not meet their criteria.

I think that’s really rude that they made a decision without letting me know the reason and without giving me proper facts for it and without engaging into any kind discussion

Fiverr take 20% out my earnings and I am happy to give away that with no issues as it helping me build up my business, but I am afraid I am really disappointed by this move from them


I am sure that something “has happened”. There must be some reason. I guess there are “some parts” missing in your story…


well you are experienced fiverr user, you can help me out with this…

This is what I received
"Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level One status. Therefore, we have removed the Level One badge from your account, along with the features that came with it."

but there was not mentioning on what they did not like and there was no prior contact form fiverr, the last thing I was doing is, I was developing an email authentication app for my clients company based in Germany, I had to type dummy email addresses in threads on which I received warnings.

but since it was an email oriented app I really had no way to avoid them, I was expected someone would contact and look upon this and discuss but all they did is just took away my badge


The first time it happened was when a client asked me discuss details regarding app in voice chat, as she thought she can explain stuff better to me via verbal communication. Since Fiverr does not provide any verbal chat functionality, I discussed stuff with her, and posted all discussion outcomes in the thread so there may not be any disputes later

Everything I did was based on a reason and eveything expected someone to contact me for details, I did not intend to move seller away from Fiverr that’s I kept coming back and why would I as I am making great income from fiverr

Please help me resolve this dispute


Well, if all this happened as you say, I guess customer support will listen and help you.


yes I have just made a post there…



why would you agree to move out of the fiverr bubble? You should never agree to talk to a buyer outside fiverr. Have you made 10 sales within the last month? and when I say sales I mean 10 complete individual sales


As I can see you got your level 1 back.

Would be interesting for everybody to tell the whole story, cause this story has a “happy end” from your point of view…


So fiverr must have put your level 1 back in the same day because I see you are now again level 1.

It is a serious violation of the rules to discuss anything outside of fiverr.
You don’t need voice chat. You have a message system to discuss things here.


Sounds good! congratulations ! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Eh? Try reading the thread again and see why congratulations may not have been in order a year ago. :wink:

The OP’s no longer on Fiverr.


It does not help your level, your sales, or where your gigs rank in the listing to post on the forum. It does nothing at all for you.


I’m seeing the complaint from other sellers as well, it might be because of fiver’s update. Go to analytics of your account and see if there is something not going well.


They closed my account only because of buyer and after that they restricted those word to be typed. So it not matter work hard and show that yes you can.


Your buyer is NOT the reason Fiverr chose to take action against your account. YOUR actions and choices led to your account restriction. Don’t blame someone else for YOUR actions.


I also use those. I didn’t know TOS at r at time. I am also responsible for it. But fiverr improved a lot.


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