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Fiverr took more than a $2 service fee


I purchased a $10 gig with a service fee of $2 making the total cost $12. After checking my statement it shows they took €11.11 which (at the current exchange rate) converts to $12.54… can someone please explain this convenient discrepancy? Regards.


I think this might cover the answer:

This part in particular: " Note: Exchange rates are taken from Open Exchange Rates on a daily basis. What you see displayed may vary to what you are actually charged in your own currency. PayPal and credit card exchange rates may also vary.

How do I change the currency view back to US dollars?
On the footer of every page, in the currency drop-down list, select $USD."


Thanks fonthaunt, I’ll look into this.

Appreciate your work in digging this up. I will see on future orders also.