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Fiverr took my earnings to return a buyer's funds long after I have delivered

I’ve been on Fiverr for 2 years and have dealt with plenty of scenarios. The Fiverr support team has been great overall, helping me through some buyer issues when they occurred.

But this, what happened today was really underhanded and low.

I got an order back in July 23 that was delivered then completed with no issues from the buyer. The buyer utilized the order fully, and that was it. Today I saw a notification from Fiverr that the order was cancelled and the funds returned to the buyer with no reason given or warning given whatsoever. An email was sent with a link to the reason but that said link was dead.

Fiverr took the funds out of my earnings that was in the process of clearing to return them to buyer who is obviously wanting free work. If Fiverr can keep returning funds to crooks who want free work, what guarantee is there that sellers won’t be taken advantage of in the future?


Hi divineserenityx,

This post might be of some comfort. Send a message to CS- you might be able to get your earnings back.

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Thanks for linking the other thread. So far CS is saying this is out of their hands, this is very frustrating.

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If you can, track down where your work is being used and demand its removal. In the majority of cases, its not end users of work who use chargebacks to get work FOC, it’s middlemen resellers. In this case, you can get revenge by exposing them and ruining their business.