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Fiverr took my money

I’m sorry but Fiverrs own terms of service stipulate that refunds will only be returned to Fiverr buyers in the form of credit.

I know exactly how you feel. You feel robbed, stung financially, and like this whole deal stinks. Recently, however, I found a whopping $579 charge on my card for automatic renewal of an online video making site which I don’t use anymore. The thing is, after a big argument with them, I have had to accept that yes, I clicked the automatic renew button when I signed up and yes, them taking a charge is fully within their rights.

My advice would be to try and turn a bad situation into a good one by using your new Fiverr balance to buy a service which you need and actually get something for your money.


it happens sometime , specially on spell casting gigs :smiley:

always buy from people that they guarantee full refund back in case of non customer satisfaction other wise most of them are money hunger.

There is no way to refund in Fiverr. Those who say 100% refund, are not having enough knowledge.


I always do refund in case my customer not satisfied with the service , I just hate negative reviews because it effects my rep a lot and makes me lose more money and customers.

If your refunding orders to avoid bad reviews, you’re breaching Fiverr’s TOS by engaging in review manipulation.


You are replying 2 years later.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

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What do you mean? Buyers can’t really refund.

I wish you would stop slamming spell casting gigs. You have astrology gigs.

You contacted me today and slammed my gigs. Please stop.

You have another thread on this subject also saying you got spell gigs that didn’t work and only have one review for a “prayer” gig purchase as shown on your profile. What is your agenda?

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no i’m not i’m just proving that all my gigs are fully positive and I never fail my customer !

Well I don’t give refunds to avoid bad reviews. You said you do this.

do u mean there’s restrictions on replies here also ?

why don’t u close the forum then if replies ain’t allowed ???

I see you only have 2 reviews and only in 1 gig… :roll_eyes:

First of all, please be respectful to peolple, it doesn’t harm you !!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And yes, @lloydsolutions is right when he tells you that mods don’t like resurrecting old posts.

No, @lloydsolutions won’t close it, mods will !!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He said in his other thread he had two other accounts.

He has paused his astrology gigs? He has other gigs.

In this case, how many orders have been cancelled just to maintain these phenomenal ratings?

Even if it is just 1, it doesn’t reflect well on the quality of service being offered… :thinking:


In this case, it’s pretty much case closed…

Now his account is gone? What in the world… I just blocked him about an hour ago.

He probably closed it himself so he can make another one after he saw that I blocked him.

:flushed: Publicly? Really? :grimacing:

I don’t know if he had astrology gigs on the other accounts, but in this one ( he has 3, including astrological psychic reading.

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Yes. The account was started in 2016 but only had two reviews. No idea why he decided to target me for his negativity.

@lloydsolutions is a mod. He has Regular Trust Level.

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