Fiverr top buyer? 95% skeptical and money tight people. Rest 5% are a lucky chance


It’s a little over a year now, and I’m getting to meet top buyers. Not many though, but yes it is something as a number.

Some people are great. They understand you, let you submit the finished stuff as per your timeline, give what you ask, and are pretty fine when it comes to revisions. They don’t make it go too far.

The sad reality I’m getting to experience is that such people are wayyyy less.

What’s common is getting a bundle of services for as low a price as possible. On top of that, negotiating the price with seller, being quirky about delivery timelines or maybe some incomplete stuff they’re submitting themselves, asking for discounts (not bad, but the way they do , that is) or putting up mod requests for smallest of fixes and taking up lots of your time which you could have invested into other orders, learning skills or doing something else.

Funny thing about them is that they try someone for cheap, then tell their sob stories to you. LOL.

I’ll probably run away for my life from these people the next time onward. That top badge doesn’t necessarily mean a good chance of cha-ching, or actually, good people.


Let’s hope your top buyers aren’t reading this thread eh? :wink:


If you give in to the demands of cheap buyers, you’ll always be working with cheap buyers. Raise your prices. Promote your services to a higher quality of buyer. There are things that YOU can do to attract the kind of buyer you want.

It’s not the buyer’s fault that you don’t like them. Find better buyers. :wink:


I’m pretty sure of it. :wink:


When I do raise prices, people either negotiate or run away for reasons absurd. Just now I had one (top rated) person who was about to be billed at $27 (discounted price) and he said $25. I asked why. He says “Just to make a round figure”. (Facepalm)

It’s true that it isn’t the buyer’s fault if I don’t like them. But to find better ones, I need to get in front of more and more people to know what fixes can be provided by my services. I’ve searched out tons of things here… Haven’t tried them out much. Sometimes it’s out of capacity and at other times, I’m alone. How did you manage issues like these when you faced them?


Trial and error. When I faced a problem or obstacle, I tested many variations until I found the ones that worked. You’re going to have to do the same thing, and it might take some time. Maybe even a long time. I’ve been here on Fiverr for nearly four years, and I am STILL testing things to see what works.

There are two kinds of business people here on Fiverr: Those that dive in, and experiment until they find something that works for them (these are the successful sellers), or those who sit back, make excuses, and complain that they aren’t finding any success (while being unwilling to experiment or work hard to find it).

Which kind of seller are you?


I raised my prices, and today instead of getting orders, I got 5 messages. I did this experiment since Friday, today is Monday. If I don’t get a single order, I will make my main gig a 24/hour delivery gig (meaning no charging extra for 24/hour deliveries). If that doesn’t work, I’m going back to lower prices.


See, @kevinfrederick , trial and error. Try things, just like @fastcopywriter is doing. This is how you build a successful gig. :wink: