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"Fiverr Top buyer" feature is a Relief for Sellers


Fiverr Now shows a “Fiverr Top Buyer” tag with some of the Active Buyers on Fiverr. This tag appears with the Buyers who is having a big number of Purchases on Fiverr and had a Good experience with the Previous Sellers. This Feature can help sellers know about the Reliability & the Nature of the Buyer.
ThankYou Fiverr Staff for Doing too much for sellers. We are also Expecting more such tags on Buyers profiles which help sellers to avoid Bad Buyers.


My most of top rated buyers purchase a cheapest gig of $5 and want work of $50.


If I remember, they only have to purchase $50 worth of services to get that… But I’ll double check that. Maybe it’s a couple hundred dollars. (Does anybody else know? I asked before and did get an answer, but I can’t remember…)

Not much in the overall scheme of things. No idea if they need “good experiences”.

I haven’t found it to be a reliable indicator of a good buyer. Some are, some aren’t.

Also that indicator has been showing up for months for me. I don’t think I was on any special program…


Once I read,someone need to spend only $100 to get that.Not sure.
Buyers don’t get notified for having this “crown”, for sure!


That’s not new… I’ve seen that since more or less 1 or 2 years? :thinking:

I doubt that.
And I don’t know if that badge has to do with the amount of $$ they spend, or the number of orders they did.
A Top Buyer could have 1 Gig purchase for $100 and be a pain in the neck, or could also have 100 purchases for $5.
It doesn’t mean much… as every transaction with new buyers is unique and different.
I’ve had many with that badge who even didn’t know what a “revision” was, or tried to download my delivered work from the thumbnail instead of taking the attachment… that’s how far their “experience” sometimes goes…


The “Top Buyer” badge has been around for at least 2 years. If I remember correctly, it even goes as far as 2014.

The criteria implemented for Buyers to receive it is absolutely unknown. Sellers have often reported on the Forum that some of their worst experiences came from the Buyers with “crown”.

Making a bunch of purchases means nothing in terms of quality of the Buyer. On the contrary, it may simply mean they are doing the arbitrage and will use your content for distribution with 3rd parties (thus making you directly responsible for their relationship with their parties).

There’s nothing new and actually nothing that good about it.



i always deal with top rated buyers and trust me they are the worst if they can pay less than 5$ they will :confused: and i believe this is not a correct thing the whole tag thing is given to the wrong guys lol :joy:


The same here. I expect the top buyer to be professional and know what he is searching for / good explanation of the desired result. After confirming with me the final work (multiple times) and uploading the result, the job was suddenly bad and asked for a new one for free. Don´t get tricked by that little crowd.


I agree… I’ve had mixed experiences with those buyers. Many are excellent, a few are not and the badge doesn’t seem to mean much other than they have purchased a few times from someone.


My experience is similar.


To be honest, the Top Buyer tag should only be earned by buyers with frequent good ratings from sellers. It should be at least as demanding to earn this status as it is to earn Level 2 seller. I also think you should have to spend a minimum amount of money on gigs, in the same way you have to earn a set amount when selling, i.e $1000.


I agree. Top buyers should have the same rules as top sellers. If sellers are supposed to make a certain amount of sales to reach a level, then buyers should be required to purchase a certain amount before getting awarded the crown.

Fortunately, all of my top buyers so far are great.