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Fiverr TOS in this case?

Hey! My friend, who by the way is also my neighbor, is interested in my logo design gig. He has his own drop shipping business, so he needs one to create his own identity. I have heard and read that making your friends buy your gig is violation of TOS, but in this case, my friend clearly wants to purchase my gig for his own use. Plus, it’s not like if he buys my gig, I will buy his too. I am a seller and he is a buyer and we want to work things out. I have sent him the link to my gig so that he can view the gig images and my other work samples. So, is such kind of activity allowed on fiverr? Or I still can receive a warning in this case? Should I proceed with it?

If any of my friends is interested in something I can help with, we go for a drink, discuss the details, I do the job, they give me the cash and that’s it. No fiverr, no gigs, no warnings etc. This is a person you can personally meet. Why you want to lose 20%? For a good review because he is your friend? Fiverr doesn’t know your friends, your friend doesn’t live at your home and doesn’t use your computer so I think you would be fine but be careful if there is anything hidden you haven’t shared yet.


Yeah, we can meet as well but since I am a new seller, I was looking to get some work and a review/rating as well. And it would be an honest review about what he feels of my service. No intervention from my side. We have agreed on this.

Another thing. If he comes to my place or I go to his (and connect our phones to the internet) after the completion of the order, would it be a matter of concern? Kindly confirm this because I don’t want to play on thin ice.

I would avoid this especially when there is an order. There is a high risk of a problem with fiverr. If you go to his place or he to yours, it’s better to use your 3g/4g internet than sharing the same wifi.

If I remember correctly, Fiverr does allow for your friends to place orders if they really need your service, but they shouldn’t leave a review (because that can be seen as feedback manipulation).

It sounds like you want to get some great reviews from your friend. I suggest you get reviews from real buyers. You are working your way toward an account ban.


Oh man, seems like I need to go for cash payment now. Placing an order on fiverr does not feel too optimistic.

Since your friend shouldn’t leave a review, no, it doesn’t.