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Fiverr TOS on videos

Hello fiverrians ,
I created a video for my gig and inserted it but unfortunately the video has watermarks on it.
Pls can my account get blocked or would you advise me to remove it because i don’t really know maybe it’s part of TOS of fiverr.

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Watermarks from who? Your watermarks? Or watermarks because you’ve taken the video from somewhere else?


You should remove that video or delete that gig as early

Check the terms of service/terms of use/license on the site you created the video on and maybe search to see if there’s any restrictions on using the version with the watermark.

You’re using the free version of RenderForest. It comes with a watermark for copyright protection.
You’d have to check the site for all the rules, but on a first impression basis…it looks unprofessional to market your services using a video that technically belongs to someone else. That’s just my opinion. Perception goes a long way.