Fiverr TOS Violation Issue


Please have a look at the image I have attached with this thread.

Someone asked me to pay outside of Fiverr and I promptly responded by saying “this is not allowed and you’ll have to pay via Fiverr”. Still I was shown a message saying that I have violated Fiverr TOS. Now just because of this message, which will count as a TOS Warning, I will be downgraded to Level 1. How is this my fault? WHy should I be downgraded due to Fiverr’s inability to catch the right culprit? This is my bread and butter, is this how lightly FIverr takes the situation?


If you did nothing wrong you will be fine. I had a notice like that too once. The next day I got a message saying I was found to not be in violation of ToS. :dizzy:


But doesn’t this count as a “TOS Warning”? That’s what I want to know because obviously and of course I did nothing wrong, I even reported the buyer. But I still got a warning for it? When I check my analytics section, it says I will be downgraded due to a “TOS warning” it doesn’t say whether it has to be confirmed or not. Is this something you can confirm?


No you’ll be fine - it’s because you said ‘outside of Fiverr’.

All they’ll do it check the message - you haven’t had a ToS warning.


Ok! Thanks for that! I hope it doesn’t count as a TOS warning, because this is really rough, this is dictating how I form my sentences even though I’m upholding Fiverr TOS myself. How else do I phrase that? Do I say “I cannot accept it that way” and move on? That is a bit ignorant don’t you think?


Just say you do everything within Fiverr, then there’s no mention of outside anywhere. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aah! Ok yes that is a better way to put it I suppose. Thanks again you have been very helpful!


You used the word “pay.” Words like pay and money always make the box red, which means you shouldn’t use them. Try p-ay, m-oney, or cash.

It sucks this happened to you, but this is the age of impersonal technology, of artificial intelligence making decisions human beings should be making. Just like we’re demoted over unfair level standards, we can get in trouble for writing simple words like pay, email, Skype, etc.


Hey! Thanks for your response! If you’ll notice my screenshot, I did not use the word pay or any of those other words, this happened probably because of what “offlinehelpers” already mentioned above.


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If you look at the pop-up closely, it does say possible Terms of Service violation, not that you actually did it. This means the computer program detected that you possibly, maybe violated the Terms, and a human being will check now whether it is so or not, as long as you use the “trigger words” like pay, outside, etc. in a harmless way, there´s nothing to fear, no worries. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response! I also hope that this doesn’t count as a TOS violation and is only a possible one. If you notice in my screenshot, I have not used any trigger words, this thing still came up, so it is really a bit unfair.


Thank you for letting me know, I have now edited it.


Yes, but no worries, my money is on “outside” as well, just like offlinehelpers said, many sellers have that on their personal list of words they don´t use anymore in Fiverr messages. :wink:


Got it!! I shall keep this in mind from now on!


Don´t talk about papayas either. No, honestly. lol



You’re right, and I agree with you. I can’t imagine what happened, either the AI got you in trouble or the buyer reported your message. Anyone can report a message.


I already had the same problem, when a buyer asked my e-mail, then said I could not send any personal information, or it could be spotted as we would like to deal “outside of Fiverr”.

I was defending fiverr ToS, but this “outside of Fiverr” seems to be a filter which fiverr uses controls these actions, and auto-block your messages.

Just contact fiverr team and they will solve this. No worries