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Fiverr ToS Violations on Online Shopping Cart System

hi is there anyone have problem as mine. i have service to build web cart or web shoping cart for my customer, usualy my customer want to integrate with online payment system. like paypal, authorize, mollie etc. my question is everytime i type those word, a ToS came out. it is just me or anybody else.

i did not ask my customer to pay outside fiverr i just ask what online payment they want to integrate to their system. because its online shopping cart.

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That’s an automated filter (poorly built if I may add) that flags some words. Personally I have used those words countless times and never had any problems.

There was one time that one of my messages had to be manually checked before being delivered to the buyer, but that’s about it.

If I have to use the word PayPal to get my point across I refuse to have to go and say ‘P ay Pal’ for example to conform to what I believe is an archaic way of censoring certain words.

But that’s only my experience and I can’t guarantee it will work for anyone else, and I must add that I’m okay receiving any formal warnings that may come from me using those words…so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.


What you could do is in the gig requirements have a multiple choice list question that says something like “What payment system do you want to integrate?” and have the list of the ones you can under it as well as an option for none if that’s applicable. That way you won’t have to ask if it’s in an order. I’d try to have it there instead of asking in the inbox where you could get flagged.

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