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Fiverr TOS Warning

is there anyone who had to get a warning from Fiverr?


Can you tell the details? Unless you tell it how can anyone share their experiences?
Do share your experiences with a more details and you will get supports from the community.

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actually i told a buyer to check the message in her instagram that i send ,for this reason fiverr warned me and cancel my level

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Here, please carefully read Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You’re not allowed to communicate outside Fiverr.


You have level right? And you don’t know this simple violation you done? Going outside from fiverr is violation of Terms and Services.

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yes i know all the rules but i was so exited because after some day i will be a level one seller. for this i want to told the buyer to give 5 star review because this time some buyer was very happy for my work but they giving me lowest review.

Oh. You can’t contact the buyer outside fiverr, more specifically if you mention something like that (contacting on Fb/insta/linkedin etc) , you will get warning. Dont do it again bro. You might loss your account too.

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And this will grant you a second warning.

NEVER ask buyers for reviews!

So no, you don’t know the rules and haven’t read Fiverr’s ToS. Please do read!


@bilawal_12597 I lost my level …mainly I am not going to work outside of the fiverr…i just want to tell her about a 5-star review. if he gives me a lowest review it can affect my level.this is the reason.

@ashad_alif ok bother. I brought the buyer Instagram to Fiverr ,

@maitasun ok I will read again… I don’t tell my any buyers to give a review this is the first time I did for getting the level

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@abdullahanoman1 Bro did you know this is also against the TOS.

@bilawal_12597 I know…but I was excited about my level but unfortunately, I lost it :cry: :cry:

I guess you don’t know all the rules…

If you do why did you intentionally break it ? you could have wait !

We all get warnings but never intentionally broke any rules !

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yeah, doing exactly what you did is what many would say for a joke. it’s an obvious TOS breach i’m afraid. here’s wishing you luck for the future

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@surajrenuka I understand …this is a big mistake for me

@abdullahanoman1 You have to wait now! You have to wait know for 2 months to getting back your level One. But this is not the end. Work hard and take orders and don’t do that again. be careful.

i should add that if i were the buyer, this would really piss me off too

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Thanks ,pray for me and i will try to maintain all the rules of fiverr,.they told that they flagged my profile.How many days the warning flag is shown in my profile

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I have completed all the requirements…only one is uncompleted for the TOS…so can’t I get my level in the next evaluation?