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Fiverr TOS Warning

@abdullahanoman1 No you will get in the 15 july. I thought You get warning today that’s why i told you will get level after 2 months!. But you will got the level one 15 july. Just focus on your work. You will get your level back!

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In sha Allah bother,thanks for your help

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Did you get any warning 11 days ago ? why its showing 11 days in screenshot ?
Or this is the one ?

yes,i learned a lot of from this mistake,and i will try to not doing any mistake that goes against fiverr terms and rules

i get the warning 11 days ago…and i joind fiverr forum 2 days ago for this i post the topic now

ah ! alright…you are lucky they just shoot 1…and not for review manipulation !

@abdullahanoman1, don’t follow what @ashad_alif said.

He’s telling you to cheat the system and break Fiverr’s TOS.


you are right,i was really lucky…

okk…i learned a lot of things from my this mistake

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Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


Thanks brother for advice

you can only communicate with the buyers here on Fiverr

yes now i can realized that i did a big mistake.