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Fiverr totally untrustworthy, its a total scam beware

i signed up as part of a swagbucks promotion and they still havent paid the promised reward, so as a result i did a quick search online and found that the internet is rife with complaints about this site…

they scam people daily. they likely will take down this post but im putting it up on the better business bureau as well as well as notifying the florida attorney general

be aware people…if you cant fulfill the easiest of your responsibilities to acquire members youre not trustworthy

Mr/ Mrs Bilneftleberg, I think you’re in misunderstand about fiverr. Actually, fiverr is not untrustworthy.

TrustPilot’s full of angry blowhards.

Some sellers and buyers are spivs (= completely untrustworthy) just like with any free market economy. I do not know what your promotion was, but it presumably came with a buttload of ToS, and perhaps you haven’t fulfilled one of them. Legally, this entitles you to diddly-squat, no matter how fair or not it is.

Speaking of scams, did you know the BBB gives people awesome ratings with a cash bung of a few hundred? Now that’s a scam!

I think this post should be left up as it displays that you are thinking with emotion rather than logic. Nothing wrong with that, but emotional logic is often completely wrong–it serves to make you look foolish. Let’s also not forget the effect of confirmation bias, which we are all prey to.

Now, stop whining and read the TOS of whatever the promo was (I’m guessing get $5 to sign up if a friend blah blah blah or whatever it is? I believe you have to buy or make a sale to get that, but I don’t care enough to research it for you).

Or go and rant on TrustPilot and make Fiverr’s amazing shit rating even more amusing! The world is your oyster, boyo!

sorry emmaki but youre wrong. fiverr uses swagbucks to recruit members, they promise a reward for signing up, thats it…

only thing is they dont pay up, the Attorney generals office says they have multiple complaints, the point is why trust your hard earned money to a patently dishonest operation

im just letting people know so they have advanced warning

I only see review manipulation. That’s well known. There’s a shady lawyer (associated mind link in Google results), but… I don’t think you need advance warning to realize that.

Is it the sign-up $$$ issue you’re complaining about? Because the asterixes are really making your point obscure, and you’re not providing evidence to back up your claims.

Fiverr works for me and they’ve never scammed me: same company, different experience. I can’t take your complaint seriously unless you provide evidence.

Fiverr isn’t scam. Each five seconds, a gig is bought. Thousands of daily transactions are completed (hundreds of canceled maybe). Your experiences was a WORST EVER ONE does never means fiverr is a scam. Countless people are having great experiences everyday. Trustpilot or any other reviewing site is full of complains because one just like you post a bad review there because he had worst experience. Not each having good experience post a review there because they don’t take is as ‘must do it’ as they already have posted review on seller profile.
Good luck.

why because you say so, you could just be a paid fiverr employee whose job it is to downplay complaints.

go to swagbucks and see. the offer is 238 swagbucks to become a member thats it…no fine print whatsoever… i joined which is obvious, but no reward…they are a scam because theyve scammed me into joining thats a fact,you cant dispute

the fact that others have filed complaints just is added evidence to the proof, i look at it this way…if even one person is saved by this warning ive done my job

sure some sellers may fine this site valuable, the same can be said in any ponzi scheme, some do make money…but that doesnt mean this isnt a scam because from where im sitting it is

maam you may be right, but every ponzi scheme has a few who actually do profit, but that siesnt mean that the vas mahority arent scammed…if fiverr is good for you…that great!!! but sadly not all of us have been so lucky

And how is Fiverr like a ponzi scheme?

I am not an employee of Fiverr–it’s just a platform that I and hundreds of thousands of others use on a frequent basis, and the vast majority of transactions go without issue.

Again, your proof is locked up in asterix points. How can you be saving anyone from something if the thing you’re complaining about is asterixed? Try leaving gaps between the letters or using different wording. This is not censorship, btw. Some words are just automatically *****d.

So here is what I think has happened to the latest person to be fooled by someone and who immediately thinks the most likely culprit is the large company with hundreds and thousands of users and successful transactions.
You know if you google any major site - Amzon, downwork, freelanger etc and add the word “scam” you will get hundreds of thousands of results. What that proves is there are lots of idiots/unfortunates (delete as you like, I delete the second one) who choose to place blame in the wrong place.

You see, Fiverr has a referral program where those who refer new users receive $5 credit when the user spends. Some people lie (I know it may be a shock that people may lie on the Internet) and say that you will get x,y or z for signing up in the hope that you will click their link and place an order, thus giving them $5. Half of all Quora answers about Fiverr have a disguised referral link on them.
So, if you have an issue where a site promised something, go to that site and complain, not the one that was falsely represented.

Now, you can choose to decide that I am a staff member or you can take my response as correct and stop making yourself look silly with misguided rants and accusations.

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So, here’s the thing @billneftleberg. There are many flaws in your theory. One - Fiverr does not autoblock (********) company names in the forum unless the company is one they do not have a partnership with. As you have seen “s-w-a-g-bucks” is not allowed in the forum which was set up by Fiverr staff. That means that any offer you saw about Fiverr and SB was invalid and proposed by some kind of 3rd party. Guess what? In fact, a 3rd party does appear to have offered a fake Fiverr/SB offer.

Take a look at this: Strangely, a person with the username B**Neftleberg (sounds familiar) posted saying that a 3rd party called Peanutlabs is responsible for giving out an invalid offer. Here is a nice screen shot for you:

So, I guess Fiverr doesn’t use SwBks ro recruit, but this Peanut something might have done something naughty.

Of course, in the meantime, Bill is so welcome to complain about this Peanut Thing is Swag or even Fiverr. Bill, to make sure you are on the right track if you do want to pursue some sort of legal filing or complaint about Fiverr, any state Attorney General is not ideal. (You can do it, but it’s not perfect.) There are some satellite offices in the USA though the largest might be the one in NYC. The main Fiverr company is, as far as I know:

Fiverr International Ltd.
12 HaOmanim St.
Tel Aviv, 678973
Corporate Phone Number: 72-54-484-3988

I would suggest using an international attorney to work with a complaint against Fiverr and/or these other organizations, although you will need to prove a case showing how much time you spent signing up and how much damage you incurred, plus how much literal monetary value your “reward” could represent in cash at the time of the attempt.

Good luck! If you can find a way to claim damages, come and update us so that others can benefit from understanding. I have not yet seen any proof that Fiverr is running any kind of ponzi scheme or scam through this questionable transaction you had with a Peanut company. If you find a way to actually prove that and not toss around accusations, I think many here would be interesting in hearing your genuine proof so we could be actually warned and not just be told of the crying wolves.

The voice of reason and experience speaks. Nice work fonthaunt.

you could just be a paid fiverr employee whose job it is to downplay complaints.

No she ridicules them for free.

I don’t understand why you continue to blame fiverr for what you know, by your complaint as shown, was against another company.

Never hurts to practice the skills I sell! :wink: Thanks.

Honestly, after reading all your complain @billneftleberg, I am still unclear what you actually want. Is it the free $$$ you were promised or something else. The last time I check, Fiverr is sting lives and still counting.

No hates…but always be calm in your judgement.

This made me lol. Poor old ********* (my own censorship, use your imagination) Bill.

In unrelated commentary, there’s a lovely expression in British English–I don’t know if its also in Yankspeak: “a face like a bulldog licking p!ss off a nettle”.

It just came to mind. It’s a nice, colorful idiomatic expression and it only has a very mild bad word in it.

The bulldog expression is new to me, but I plan to use it. I’ve already worked in “chuffed” and baps" which surprisingly seem useful on a daily basis. Texas will never be the same.

A normal behavior of people who is scammed is to stay far away from the place that scams them, not going back to the main community of that scamming organization.

This is like a guy runs into the church, stands in front of the altar so everybody there can clearly see him and then screams “THIS IS STUPID! THERE’S NO GOD! THEY’RE TRYING TO FOOL YOU”.

I’m guessing this is a troll doing troll work.

To troll: before you say you’re not a troll, work on your writing skill if you want to be serious and people to take you seriously. For someone who’s from an English speaking country, you write like a 7 years old. I’m glad Fiverr doesn’t work for you because you’re the exact type of buyers we sellers want to avoid. (bad communication, getting angry because of something irrelevant, blaming everyone else but themselves)

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