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[Fiverr Traffic] Which Traffic sources do you use

Hellow.! Everyone. :slight_smile:
I want to know that what are the best traffic sources that every fiverr seller use to get orders, Please share some traffic sources so that everyone could take advantage from it,
Here are 2-3 traffic sources that I am planning to use to get some sales.

1: Facebook Groups.
2: Google Plus
3: yahoo answer
4: Quora
5: Youtube

It’s your turn, share it with us

Most sellers will happily share general tips for success. But, if you’re asking for specific strategies that individual sellers use to build their businesses (which it sounds like you are), then you’re probably not going to get a lot of answers. Sellers prefer to keep some things secret. After all, why would they give away their secrets to success, so that you can use those same secrets as well?

Instead of asking other sellers to tell you precise strategies to be successful, do some work on your own, make a plan, figure out what words for YOU, and run with it. Take responsibility for your own success. We’re not going to do it for you. :wink:

I am not asking to tell secret strategies, But want to know what are some general ways to promote Fiverr gig, however I have already found some sources to promote my GIG but Still looking that have I missed any Golden sources. and I know Nobody will share any secret, So I am just asking some common strategies

I have found that social media works good, and solid links from outside Fiverr work best.

You changed your thread title. You even edited your OP post as well. Originally, you asked us to share specific strategies and secrets. So… yes, you WERE asking for secrets.

I’m not annoyed by the secrets thing, rather, your grammar said one thing, when you likely meant something else. I’m also pointing out that you did originally say one thing, and have edited it to sound very different after I posted my comment above.

Let’s not overlook HOW you made your request. :wink:

I like to run from neighbourhood to neighbourhood with my megaphone and holla holla my services out to the neighbours. If anyone stops me and asks me what the “H” I am doing I just give them my business card.

Whenever you meet someone offline you should start your sentence with “That reminds me of the customer I had on Fiverr…”.
This is guaranteed to get you more sales.


Great tip, I might use this sometime.

Indeed great advice, offline-marketing is often underestimated, but is certainly a good way to generate customers as well.

you can use every social media forum to promote your self :slight_smile: but don’t be a spam

Facebook, g+, YouTube video promotion, twitter, etc

Facebook group, twitter, youtube works well for me especially facebook group.