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How do I send Traffic to my gig?


Share on facebook? Tells friends and family :slight_smile:


Share on facebook, Join groups and pages related to what you offer and build relationship within the group and promote your service. Facebook Promotion and group Joiner here:


Try theese tips


@ebookcover1 use Pinterest to create traffic, and you can create a blog. hope this helps.


i can send traffic to your gig 5k usa traffic


As I heard from others creating a self hosted wordpress blog is the best way to get traffic. Usually according to my experience fiverr has several methods to send traffic to our gigs without our involvement. Usually I am creating new gigs and share it on at least 5 social bookmarking sites and share in several facebook marketing pages. I think social media is the best way to get traffic. You may able to send some messages to buyers who has already buy gigs from you telling about new services you offer. Ask them to refer some buyers to you as well.

Hope this helps.