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Fiverr training to steal my money

fiverr blocked my withdrawals since month

it’s been one month since they stopped responding my messages(screen shot attached)

can someone please help me they are trying to rob me

this job is my life line. how can this people do this to me

I’m sorry but I can’t really understand what your issue is based on what you’ve said. Can you elaborate?

It would probably be best to open a new customer support ticket.

What is the reason they did this?

Give more information.

I can only guess unless @jonahfalcon comes back, but when they ask for ID it’s usually due to suspicion of multiple accounts, proxy IP’s or some other questionable situation that can only be resolved by providing proof of identity. If Support determines that funds were obtained using false information, funds are returned to the buyer. Sellers come on the forums and freak out because they actually did do work to earn the money, but they learn the hard way that work only counts when done with a legitimate account.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

fiverr requested my photo id to release my money
after sending the requested information fiverr stopped responding to my messages

Reply to @reddhorrocks:
can you please tell them about my situation

Reply to @jonahfalcon: If I remember right, it usually take a minimum of 45 days after you send the information to get a response. Depending on what you did that caused them to ask for ID, you may or may not be able to get your money back. They only ask for that kind of thing if it appears that you have broken the ToS.

Also, other people on the forums are just buyers and sellers like you and none of us can help you with the problem. Even though some have special badges (mine is a star and Redd has a Top Rated Seller badge and a star) we don’t work for Fiverr. We are just volunteers that do a few extra tasks on the forums. Only Customer Support can help you. If you bug them repeatedly with multiple tickets or posts on Twitter and Facebook they will indeed block you for harassing them. Even so, if they determine you didn’t break any rules, you’ll probably get your funds. If they determine you did do something wrong, you probably won’t.