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Fiverr chose me to be part of their translation team, my task is help them with the site translation to Spanish (Spain)

I think it would be great to have the site perfectly translated in many languages, it would be more traffic and more sales

I’ve always used the site in English (UK), I think is really cool, current Spanish version sucks (sorry but crystal clear), I hope that we can have a good Spanish version soon

Let’s translate!


Did fiverr hire you to do the translation to Spanish of the site? Nice!


Have they mentioned what is to be translated?
Are they properly translating gigs or just the general site content?


Not exactly, they’ve created a team of people from Spain, and… I’m in :slight_smile:


Yes and no

We’re only going to translate all site contents

I think that the gigs should be translated by the seller, it would be “impossible” to translate all titles, descriptions and extras

I remember that there was an option to manually translate the gigs, but I can’t find it in “Selling --> My Gigs”… Any idea?


I don’t remember seeing that as an option or hearing about it, when was that?


Yes I remember that from a while back.


Maybe a year ago, I’m not sure, I remember that I did it for all my gigs


Maybe it was replaced with the automatic translation


I remember someone complaining about the Dutch auto translation being awful (as if they had used Google Translate, almost…)

Will that include things like the TOS, Academy? I’ve always thought they should have translations in a couple of Indian languages. It would really help some people to understand what’s good and what’s not. And leave bad sellers with no “I no spik english good” excuses…


Right on, the Spanish version seems that was made with “Google Translate”

I haven’t seen Academy nor TOS in the contents, so, I don’t think so


Wow, I would have thought that the ToS would be one of the first items to be translated.


I can confirm: The Dutch version of Fiverr is horrible. Everyone who’s visiting Fiverr in The Netherlands or Flanders, gets that version automatically, such as the price in Euros, I always have to select English again. If Fiverr searches Dutch translators: I’m here.