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Fiverr Trust and Safety Issue

Hello Fiverrmates
Hope everyone’s safe and doing well. I provide business card which requires personal information from my clients. After receiving the information I usually send a note to fiverr(learnt from Fiverr forum helped me a lot) like this and it worked all the time.

Today I was checking one of my completed orders where I noticed fiverr blocked one of my message for violation of ToS. I didn’t get any strike for it. Moreover it wasn’t my fault either.

This order was completed 22 days ago. The day before yesterday I got promoted to level 2. So I don’t know what caused this issue. If anyone have any idea please let me know.


Both messages were flagged because you wrote “outside of Fiverr”. It seems like they correctly approved the first message (since you were saying you “not outside of Fiverrr”), but they incorrectly disapproved the 2nd message. You could contact them about it if you did get an account warning or if you think it has affected your account.

If you instead say “all contact/transaction must be here” and leave out the bit about “not outside of Fiverr” you shouldn’t get the messages flagged for that reason. Maybe one day Fiverr will add a check to see if someone says “not” or something before that phrase and exclude it from being flagged.


Thanks for replying. I checked my mail and my fiverr account as well. I didn’t get any strike nor it affected my account. Thanks for your advice btw I will use it.

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It’s temporary, don’t worry about it.
Once there was a client who wanted me to arrange a Zoom Call and I wrote a message containing “…outside of Fiverr…” which was automatically marked as suspicious.
Fiverr staff will review it in the next 24 hours and in your case, you don’t have anything to worry about.

My job also requires my clients’ emails but I don’t actually write anything. I just don’t have any issues because it is something needed in all of my orders. I simply put it in my Gig’s Requirements but sometimes customers write it to me in private messages.

I’d suggest you to pay attention at the way you write these type of messages. Instead of writing them what is forbidden, write them what you are allowed to do.


Instead of “I cannot communicate outside of fiverr”,

write “We can communicate only on this platform due to fiverr’s policy”
or “I am allowed to contanct you only here”

Also explain them that, communicating only on the platform is way more secure for both of you. This will make them trust more the platform.

I have these type of questions only with new buyers though.

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I see, thanks a lot mate. Really grateful.