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Fiverr under Firefox

I used fiverr before but created a new account after some hiatus. Did received an upgrade? Even the chat isn’t working as intended to me.
I type the message on input, after hitting my message isn’t sent anymore. I need to manually hit button.

I’m a developer myself and this is the code onkeydown event:

function r "!==t.key)return null;if(this.shouldDisplayEnterSettingPopOver()){t.preventDefault();this.openEnterPopOver()}else if(this.intentToSendMsg(t)){t.preventDefault();this.sendMessageSaga()}}},{key:"

This is pretty broken. Please fix or hire me to do so.

A) do you now have 2 accounts? That’s against TOS and you may get banned for it.

B) I use firefox all the time and have no problems.


Nope, I just followed the remove account instruction at fiverr support, if you release your e-mail by deleting old account you are free to reuse.

I don’t doubt you, but I can provide more evidence if needed (video)