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Fiverr Upcoming Ggis?

I need to know in the future which gigs will discover and profitable for us

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There is a category on fiverr with fortune tellers and you can order their gigs and they might be able to tell you the future and which gigs will be upcoming and profitable :wink:


You could also do research about which types of services are in demand and most likely to be most profitable.

Also you could try different gig(s) out (for services that you’re good at) and see the results (profits, stats shown on the gigs page etc.) and if they aren’t profitable enough you could replace them with others that you’re good at and try those. eg. if you have the max gigs you could replace the least performing gig (after giving it enough time) with another you’re good at and see how that performs, if optimising that least performing gig didn’t help enough. If possible, you could pause the least performing one(s) instead of removing them before trying another.


nah, I would say that fortune tellers are better bet :wink: who cares about this research and investing their time into that and working for yourself for free, too complicated. Fortune tellers or oracles it is.


dear i dont under stand what si fortune tellers kindly guide me

Fortune tellers on Fiverr would be those that claim to see into your future, probably using special/psychic powers, try searching for “tell fortune” in for the Fiverr search bar for those sorts of gigs.

But you could research for what might be most profitable. eg. maybe writing CVs/resumes with cover letters might be profitable if you can do that well. But designing, logo and website related gigs can profitable too. It depends on your skills. So doing research on the web (or maybe books too) might get you what you want to know, (if other methods don’t) and filter so that you just keep the types of services you’d be best at (or do well enough on Fiverr with).

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