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Hi there!
I’m Lisa and I manage the Graphics & Design category here at Fiverr. I wanted to reach out personally and tell you that on April 2nd we will update Flyers & Brochures to focus only on Flyer Design and will create 5 new subcategories: Brochure Design, Poster Design, Postcard Design, Catalog Design, and Menu Design.

I’m telling you early so that you can start to make your existing Gig more relevant for moving it to the right place. To be sure your Gig is moved to its proper home, please change your gig to include only one Format Type. For example, if you currently offer brochures and flyers in one Gig, please change your current Gig to offer only one service, select the relevant Format Type (such as Brochures), and change your Gig Title to reflect that service. You can then create another Gig for the other service (Flyers).

If no action is taken, then on April 2, all Gigs offering multiple services will stay in their current home but will be considered less relevant than those offering one service. If you have updated your Gig to reflect one Type and/or created another Gig with just one Type selected, please let me know so I can flag it as extra relevant.