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Fiverr Update: Response Time Counter is Changing to 30 Days

Heads up, Fiverr Community! We’re changing the response time counter to 30 days instead of lifetime. This will accurately display the responsiveness between buyers and sellers.

What exactly does this mean? Is it in reference to how long a seller takes to respond to a buyers questions, that’s then displayed on the sellers gig pages?

Great, I appreciate the effort to improve!

Now it will be more accurate. People tend to think you are as good as your last reviews, I think same applies to response time counter.

How about customer service? Is it an original idea? Or is it that nobody has asked for it?

I will like have a place to ask questions and get answers

It means that your response time was calculated over the lifetime of using Fiverr. Now it will be recalculated (like most of the other stats) every 30 days. So it will more accurately reflect how quickly you are getting back to people.

Looking forward to the change!

I love fiverr change.

Awsome Change :wink:

This is awesome!!!

We look forward to the day you guys reduce time taken to clear payments!! :slight_smile: :)>- :slight_smile:

wow. That’s a great news. I like it. :-bd :slight_smile:

Maybe it is a good idea to leave lifetime counter hidden somewhere (at least for personal use of sellers).

That’s wonderful friends. Another feature to increase positive perception and high value. :D/

My question is, is the tool set up to ignore events from vacation mode?

Great one Team Fiverr =D>

Looking forward to reduction of Funds Clearance Time 8->

Effective steps.Everyone will be benifited

That’s great! When I started out I only had notifications sent to my email inbox so only picked them up a couple of times a day - now because I use the app on my phone I respond no longer than 1 hour to messages - but my response time is still 8 hours on my profile!

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Lately there are a lot of good changes. Buyer requests, Contacts, now this counter. Keep up improvement, Fiverr Team!

This is great news… Really great for all sellers… Hope it soon on When do you going to live ? or is that activated now ??

Great idea!

Fiverr improving fast. i joined fiverr 1 month and some days. and i see 3 changes,

contacts, buyer request response and this counter update.

Great keep it up…