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Fiverr update their search algorithm again?

My gig was on the first page of the search result but suddenly it goes out from the search result last week.
Are you guys facing the same issue?

Yes, But Fiverr not ranked your gig to first page, We Me_Bharat SEO team tested Fiverr just testing all gig for 5-1 week on First page for all new seller(also for old seller who ranked on 4-5 page) who did the better SEO for ranking.

There are several reasons that could happen. It mostly has to do with your gig itself and how your orders go, and the hidden reviews people give you.

I searched for your gig and found it number 1. First page so not sure what you were looking for it under.

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I am facing same issue

Did you find my best selling gig (Lead Generation) in the first page?