Fiverr updated


Is anyone else also annoyed by the notification button highligted?? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Yes for the notifications and also the inbox. I would like them to only light up when we have new notices and messages like they used to.


I hope I will not face this error very soon


My concern, as I read the updates, is that they say they’ve eliminated gig order numbers.
I actually use those number in my file structure on my hard drive to reference previous work from clients. Every file I deliver has that gig # in the filename. So when I have 50 orders from the same buyer, the serial # made it easy to reference and pull up a gig I did last week or last year. I hope they really didn’t eliminate them. It would destroy my filing system I’ve used for 3 years…


yes! now I do not know if I have a new order, message or what??? it lights red all the time, mostly, SO annoying! before, one knew, ok, red light, something new… now? who knows? ugg!


How are we now going to identify each gig?


They probably expect you to check out every single order to see if it was for that one…

Not sure if I like these changes…

Oh well.


Yeah. Doesn’t work for me. It’s on all the time.


Not showing to me


Absolutely. It’s hopeless. The only part that works for me is multiple notifications of updates to the same order comes up as one notification now. Other than that ???
I wonder who they got their requirements from - maybe it was those Fiverr staff members with their top-rated seller status who do at most one gig a year.


Oh, come on. the pink blob thing should be resolved soon enough. The rest is OK. I’m assuming that you can still use the order numbers in search thingies (although best to check with Customer Support I would imagine?). It would be a bit weird if you couldn’t, though I have no system set up that relies upon it.


I mean, just from a CS logistical POV, they require the order # for complaints as opposed to “my seller namexyz who ordered on June 1st 2015 is blah blah blah”.


I stopped checking the notifications button… I just use the mobile app until they fix it…


Agreed, it’s just ‘teething’ problems, should be resolved. As their article stated, it took a lot of work, so we expect this to happen.


ok guysngals… update from customer support… clear all cookies, use Chrome and that should work. Well, I use Firefox…but, cleared everything out… and, gone is the red light, for the moment? cos it came back right after that and is still there… :frowning: and, guess what? in chrome also!! ohhhh noooooo!!!


i saw the updates yesterday but it seems not finished yet because it works not well. But anyone here noticed that the new updates make the loading slower than before ?


I am not finding the “mark all as read” button…


I’m so in the habit of clicking when I see the pink ball when there is a new message. So I’m clicking it constantly.


It annoying me too much. Even all message and dashboard disabled. It may be due to Fiverr is under modification of notification system these days.


As far as I can tell, gig order numbers are only eliminated in the notifications, they’re still there on the order pages.