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Fiverr Updates You Dream of one day Happening

So, with ID verification possibly on the cards, St Level’s, new deashboards, etc etc, I have been thinking about updates which I personally would love to see on Fiverr. Of course, I don’t believe many if any will happen. That said, here’s a few of my top favs.

  • I’d love to be able to receive payment in cryptocurrency
  • I’d love a Pro-like portfolio page
  • I’d love a regular buyer classification of gig. i.e. A way to set up a gig which only approved regulars could order from. This way, i wouldn;t have to worry about losing buyers when I up prices

Lastly, I would love a weekend feature.

I currently work on one platform which allows me to set my availability using a calendar like system. I don;t think this would be ideal for Fiverr. However, I would love a way to set up some kind of weekend pricing.

In my ideal world, gigs would remain active over the weekend. BUT if a buyer clicked on them, they would recieve some kind of message saying; "This seller is only available at a Friday 3pm - Monday 7am weekend rate of $50. Proceed to order?"

This way, I could at least cut down on the number of people who seem to rush to order bulk work over the weekend and charge a premium rate for what would effectively be out of hours orders.

Anyway, that’s my lot. What are yours?


When I upped my prices I lost a lot of regular $5 buyers that I was fond of, but gained a lot of new buyers I also like who have become regulars. And some of the older buyers have stayed with me.

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Me too. However, with non-Fiverr clients, I usually send messages notifying them in advance of upcoming price increases. This way, I haven’t lost any and all now pay my regular rate. They just need an interim period.

Also, I have some old regulars who really just need basic blog posts that I can bang out in 20-minutes. The only problem with listing a cheaper basic writing gig on Fiverr, is that people who should pay more (i.e. because they need in-depth research or a well worded sales copy) try to take advantage by ordering from the cheaper gig.

That’s why I’d like a separate ‘Members Only’ gig. - Plus it would help buyers feel special and appreciated.

At the moment, raising prices is like throwing regular buyers into a wolf pit.

It’s like saying:

"Don’t want you any more, sorry. Battle through that $5 lot and see if any of em can string a sentance together. Cya!"

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I have old $5 buyers from years ago trickling in and paying the higher prices. I just had one tonight from 2016 who wanted what she used to get for $10 now willing to pay $70 for it.

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Must be your magic charisma. As soon as I tell some of my old regulars that I simply can’t work for less than $20, I can hear them projectile vomiting in horror. - They are all re-sellers, though. In this case, me upping my prices means they have to up theirs and pass increases onto their clients.

The main issue that I have noticed with raising prices is the higher your prices the less orders you get, not that it would ordinarily be a problem, as it evens out with the higher price, but with this new levels system, reviews are needed as much as funds in my opinion so it now becomes a challenge to find a middle ground when it comes to prices, high enough to attract better buyers, low enough to get regular orders. For me getting regular reviews is very important as it keeps me on the bestselling category first page and I need all the exposure I can get.


It’s me doing these spells at a super low price for years, knowing they were worth a lot more. Resellers of course won’t be willing to pay more but I’ve only had a couple of spell resellers approach me, which won’t work.

That’s true. I would raise my prices even more, and could make more money that way, but at the expense of having fewer orders. We need to have a certain minimum number of orders each month due to the cancellation thing.

It’s odd that when I first raised my prices my number of orders skyrocketed but I get the definite impression that fiverr is deliberately regulating my number of orders. Every time the numbers climb, they get cut off at the same point.

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Exactly, I tested a few different prices and maintained my monthly income but got much fewer reviews which made me go lower on the bestselling page.

They do not want high prices on gigs to have a lot of orders for some reason. I can see the upper limit being reached at a cut off point.

I have also noticed that once I hit a certain amount for the month my orders slow down.

Exactly. I am limited in how much I can earn and how many orders I can get. It’s obvious.

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I’d like to be able to block certain buyers. From ordering AND contact.

I’d like for an order not to be an order until we both approve it, rather than being treated like inventory. I mean, I’d like to be able to reject an order if it’s not to my liking.

I’d like mutual cancellations to not affect levels.

I’d like to be able to send out a newsletter to previous customers.


My dream update is they keep the faucet of sales turned full on all the time for my gigs.


Yes. Yes. Yes. And more yeses.

While I don’t want to have to manually accept every order. I would like to be able to reject orders within something like a 2-hour time frame.

I really like the newsletter idea. That said, I have a ton of amazing Mailchimp email newsletters which I made to send out to my non-Fiverr clients. I just always seem to be too busy to get round to doing so…

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A nice message with the large header:


It is with fiverr’s deepest regret that Miss Crystal has rejected this request for an order from you. Have a great day.

ps: You are welcome to try an offer for her services at double the usual asking price but we cannot promise it will be accepted.

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Love the newsletter idea. Or SOME means of mass communication – if for example I won’t be available for a day.

Sellers could offer a newsletter subscription on a monthly basis as an extra on gigs. You could just charge $5 for it.

I’d love to be able to set custom gig offers for recurring clients – accessible only by those clients – so I wouldn’t have to send a custom offer each time.

Also, I just increased my prices (for new clients) and messaged all my old clients to tell them to simply pay the old rate – and request a custom offer if they couldn’t do the math.

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I have some old clients paying the new much higher prices. Also it’s spamming to send them those notices of raising your prices. It’s not worth the risk of having them report you.