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I am consistently frustrated when attempting to hire someone from Fiverr and although they are willing to assist me …the files are always rejected stating they too large etc. How can we hire these folks if we cannot get the material to them ?

Why don’t you split your files in chunks using zip or rar?

Or, simply, you can share your files using Dropbox…

Hi @peace10 !

Simple: tell them to send you the files with

All they have to do is to upload the files there [up to 2Gb per transfer [free] to their e-mail address and to post the download link into the message. Simple. If they want to keep the file in the portfolio they will have to “deliver” a compressed file so they can upload it on Fiverr [less than 150Mb]

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


@productionmark - send files up to 5GB safely and securely