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Fiverr user is pursues me advice me what to do!


Fiverr user is pursues me I just send him 7 well balanced and great logos I designed but seller request cancellation I send him another great 2 logo variants but the seller didn’t want to complete the order just pursues with the word cancel what to do? any advice? thanks in advance


@saryan My advice to you is to stop putting links to your gig on multiple threads about other things. You even put spam on a thread asking people NOT to spam. After seeing your spam, I don’t feel like giving you any other advice on your problem.


Reply to @fonthaunt @kjblynx: I doubt saryan even cares about any of our advices, as I just googled his “about page” and found he copy/pasted it from another user called mniluka. I guess that’s Karma coming back at him!


Reply to @norrsken_marc: What? you are just trying to promote your friends gig here?


Reply to @fonthaunt: thank you for advice but if you need professional 7 custom unique logos with source files included just follow the link


Reply to @kjblynx: I respect everybody I think you are showing some kind of disrespect I gave the question and you here just trying to push me some how what was wrong with you people? I just have a troubles with buyer I just ask for help for advice and you just chat with each other debating! Yes of course I’m sending costum unique versions of logo 2 version for final approve see the logos


Reply to @saryan: Of course! Everyone knows Top Rated Sellers need more promotion from the forum. Seriously, though, come up with your own profile info and don’t copy everyone. As for me trying to promote anybody here, guess again: I read the TOS and know the Do’s and Dont’s because I made sure to understand them before posting here.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: Ok sorry I was wrong, so could you help me with that?


Reply to @saryan: So, I pointed out your spam and your response to me is more spam? Really? Totally done with you.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yep, I also see that his portfolio pic “house design” was taken from a website as well: he only added the text to it. Modifying a logo/design doesn’t make it better: stealing is stealing, right? And since Google makes it so easy to check these things out, more power to the people!


The logos in your cover image designed by very popular designer Alex Tass :slight_smile:

The portfolio page I can see the logolounge trends report :slight_smile:

The real portfolio sample you take from google it’s clipart :slight_smile:


And finally the stilig logo you take from me! I design for you I thought you really need help, I also get inspiration from other designers and sometimes my artworks looks similar to other one but I’m not stealing like you shame on you, you shouldn’t do that! Please don’t spam the forum, thank you

P.S. To all buyers please don’t believe designers who designs more than 1 logo for $5!



Logo, identity, graphic design portfolio of Alex Tass




Saryan I’m sorry everyone is showing you disrespect.

In order to solve your problem all you need to do is contact customer support and say,


Can you please delete my account?


P.S. I’m joking about the first sentence.


Reply to @darrendesign: You can keep your logos I don’t need them anymore, I will take another ones there is a million other. And you can’t compares with me I’m the best I’m designing 7 different unique logos, high professional just only for $5!!! Saryan the best!!! Saryan the best!!! I’m offering 7 logos for $5 you just 1 so who is the top seller here?

Saryan the best!!! Yea!!! DON’T MISS THE LINK


Reply to @theslackjaw: I’m the beeeeest!!!


Reply to @seanc99: Hey I will give you 10 logos for $5 what you think about? We can form a great team together voice over logos for just $5? what you think?


Reply to @norrsken_marc: Ronald J. Cala II I even don’t know who is he, maybe he stole my logos? what you think? maybe he is one of my clients? don’t speak about things you don’t know!


I’m not going to take that challenge saryan :slight_smile: you are the best only in plagiarism I think, good luck with your sales!


Reply to @saryan: You see…this is what I hate about technology screwing up my joke. My …buuuuuurrrrrnnnnn… comment was made directly after @darrendesign comment because I like it when people get called out on their crap. But because I was a dingbat and didn’t “reply” to darren’s comment it looks like I’m saying saryan’s comment is a burn…which it totally is not. (It essentially says, “Keep you stupid logos I can steal from other unsuspecting people…I’m the best!” Not the best thesis to use in this situation.)

So to clarify, I was saying you, @saryan, got burned. And with that I will leave this thread to do what it may. My guess is it will just be some nutter commenting how he is the best…at something… (not even sure he knows…)