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Fiverr using my design

Fiverr is using my design for their own marketing without my permission. Where in the Terms of Service is this allowed?


Here you go, if you search the page it comes up:


Is it fiverr or is it a specific seller on fiverr platform?

Is this something you delivered to a client on Fiverr?

Thanks, Frank. I really appreciate your quick reply. It was there in the fine print. I think more customers should have a say in what can or cannot be used and for what purpose. I was shocked o see my creativity thrown about without considering the impact of this to my business. When I complained through “normal channels” to Customer Support, they were still asking me to send a file of the images used. I sent the file through 5 separate times and even when it was embedded, they were still asking me to send the information through. This was not customer service. This was someone’s mental coffee break. I hope you can get back to the higher powers in your organization that as a client advocate, I would prefer to see the re-use of material the client paid for should be a option, not a required Term of Service.

This was images delivered by a Fiverr desinger to me. I am the client. Less than 24 hours of receiving final delivery of the images I paid for, I received email back with my image being used by Fiverr for marketing back to me on images of stationary, laptop web layouts, and t-shirts. In my country, using copyright images without permission is a violation of copyright. I own the image, as paid for under contract though an agent. I did not give explicit permission, even though it is in the Terms of Service. “Fiverr retains the right to use all published delivered works for Fiverr marketing and promotion purposes.” That means your artistic works are basically in the public domain. Why aren’t customers stepping up and saying something about this? Who advocates for the client?