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Fiverr UWP App for Windows 10 PC?

With the rising functionality, productivity, and popularity of Windows 10 I’m sure there is a high demand for Fiverr UWP(Universal Windows Platform - WHAT IS UWP?) app and I wonder how it hasn’t been yet released!

I am completely sure that there tens of thousands of people who don’t like checking their Android phones, browsers, or switching devices all the time. I’m also sure that there are a quite of people who don’t prefer the mobile version of Fiverr(like myself). With the rise of Windows 10, most of its users are switching to UWP(Universal Windows Platform) apps and not using browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge for absolutely everything. They instead now prefer to use specifically every app for its purpose. Action center is now absolutely great for receiving notifications from apps! No need to be switching all the time from platform to platfrom and lowering your focus & productivity.

Desktop Bridge(converts desktop applications to Windows 10 apps) has been now released for a while and I think the developers of Fiverr could port it to the Windows Store very well and fast!

Please comment below your thoughts about this.


Dear Tetacli:

Please understand that not all people on this platform enjoy your high level of technical proficiency.

I had to look up the meaning of UWP and the first result I found was, “University of Wisconsin – Parkside”.

It’s only because I boldly continued on to the second result that I concluded that you could mean, “Universal Windows Platform,” and now I’m exhausted.

Please verify if that’s what you mean, and if so, what that is, because I’d never heard of it before.

In my humble opinion, it’s always a good idea, in a blog or forum post, in your profile, or in your gigs, to spell out an acronym the first time you use it.

Your message isn’t what you say, but what your readers UNDERSTAND of what you say.

Thank you,

P.S. Someone liked my post, and now I’m all, like, the Fiverr Forum should give us the ability to like our likes. Not necessarily like like, but definitely like!

Like, wouldn’t that be great?


Your post has been re-categorized as requested. Truthfully, the existing Fiverr apps seem to still need a,lot of work. In my opinion they are not yet even stable releases. I am not sure it would be of much benefit to split time developing an app for another OS. I’d like to see truly well functioning ones for the platforms they chose to start with (Android and iOS) and then move to consideration for another.

Fiverr may be a smaller company than it appears at a glance. Others have suggested some type of mobile Windows app and I would guess it will be on the to-do list at some point. Thanks for adding to the forum. :slight_smile:


I thank you for pointing that out. The UWP indeed means Universal Windows Platform. I’ll clarify the message.