Fiverr Vacation feature


I just saw the “vacation: on/off” feature on my “start selling” page (just above my gigs). This is a new feature right? because I’m not sure if it was already there and missed it. Anyway, I think it’s great for all the sellers- saves us the trouble of suspending gigs :-bd !


YAY!!! I am the one who suggested this to fiverr customer support on 24th Ocober 2013.


I don’t know if there’s a glitch in the system because when I click “on” the form doesn’t appear. It just sort of goes blank (cannot click on either on or off) and when I reload the page, it is still off. I wanted to just test the feature so is this happening to others as well?


Reply to @thili111: Works perfectly now :slight_smile:


Does anyone have any thoughts on if it’s better to use this tool or to extend delivery times?




I know from painful experience that it takes forever to get back to your “normal” status and especially express status because of the way they take your orders and “average” them to get your delivery time unless they’ve changed it in the last year.

I would be careful with that.