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Fiverr: Vacation Mode

Hi everybody! Just expressing a few concerns as to how Vacation Mode works on Fiverr? I have several gigs that are due to be delivered tomorrow and I have too much work to be done, and I’m not sure if I can do it in the time frame. But at the same time, I’m just wondering what happens if I activate Vacation mode at the same time as my gigs are due? Thanks in advance.


You are still bound to complete your active gigs within the deadline you established. “Vacation Mode” merely removes your gig from being searchable while you are away, which, in turn, keeps people from buying your gig during the time that you are unavailable to work on them. Vacation Mode does not extend your deadlines on existing gigs.

If you need more time to finish a gig, contact the buyer, let them know, and work the issue out with them. More often than not, if you are swamped with work, a buyer is likely to understand, and may agree to give you more time for completion.

Vacation mode prevents people from ordering new gigs. You still have to deliver the existing orders.

Cool. Thanks for your helpful advice, now I know what to do. Thank you all!

Reply to @buzzle_anna:

You’re welcome.