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Fiverr values quantity over quality


To reach level 2 on fiverr, you need 50 orders in 2 months. This puts seller with high value orders at a pretty big disadvantage because sellers with high volume low value products like simple voiceover, editing, proofreading, etc can easily hit the target once they start going. All they need is 50 x $5 = $250 worth of service in 2 months.

On the other hand, high value sellers who do things like programming, don’t really have a lot of service worth $5. Most of their orders are at least $15-$20 and for some sellers, $50-$100 gigs are the norm. While they may not have as many customers as those high volume sellers, they are definitely not new to the site.

But unlike the high volume sellers, reaching level 2 is not a simple task. They may need to create up to $700-$3000 worth of sale within 2 months to get to level 2. This really requires a lot lot more hours, and not to mention the amount of effort needed to find so many clients willing to buy your high value gigs.

I know this is not the right place to make a feedback, but can I suggest that we modify the level system so that sellers level up based on revenues rather than just quantity? Otherwise, it seems to me that quality isn’t important to fiverr.


You could use this category for suggestions:


I find it interesting that you determine the efforts of others to be of “low value” and “simple” while describing you slow selling offerings as “high value”. Especially since you yourself have a $5 gig offering.

Perhaps the fact that you have been here over a year and are still level 1 is not because no one will buy higher priced gigs, maybe they just don’t think yours are worth purchasing as compared to others.

I suggest that you look at your own gigs and tweak them to be more attractive. As further advice, I would also think it a good idea to stop determining the work of others to be of “low value and simple” when they are smoking you in sales.


So, why not put up a few $5 gigs until you get to the number of sales needed to get to level 2, and then you can pause or delete them, to make more of your pricier services?


Most sellers start off at only $5 gigs and do that for a while until they have enough reviews to raise prices, even if their gigs are worth much more.

Voiceovers are not simple on any level although it would seem at first glance anyone can do it. Voiceover artists have to have a huge amount of experience and some expensive equipment. I see them starting at only $5 when they are worth at least ten times that.


The “$5 gig” that you see on my profile is just a way to attract potential clients to my gig. 95% of my orders come from custom offers which I send after hearing their details and they rarely cost $5. My average selling price is $14 according to the analytics page.

I have only been working on fiverr for less than 6 months because I had to take a few long breaks in between. Attracting more customers isn’t really the issue here because I know more people will come as I gain reviews and experience. Instead, the problem is that I don’t really have the hours to complete 50 medium sized projects in 2 months. Fiverr is still a part time job for me and I can only dedicate so much time every month.

Sorry if my description of $5 gigs is offensive but what I actually meant was that lower priced gig uses up much less time to complete. I know gigs like voiceovers can be challenging but much they are much more likely to find small, less time consuming orders than other type of jobs.

Putting up cheap and short gigs does not really help because of the nature of what I do. Occasionally, I get short and easy gigs but the majority of people who need scripting help wants something more than a few simple lines of code.


Perhaps not, but it would get you to Level 2 more quickly, from where you could then increase the cost of your other, more time consuming gigs. :slight_smile:

They don’t actually have to be remotely related to anything you currently do.