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Fiverr Verification Problem


Hi! So i sold my first gig about a month ago. I’ve since then sold a few more, and earned quite good money, i would say. I plan on continuing my work on Fiverr, but today a message popped up.
Fiverr wants me to verify my identity. In my country (Denmark) i can verify with either drivers license or passport.

Now the thing is, i am only 14, so i don’t have a drivers license. Then the only option would be passport. Obviously my parents are in control of my passport, and i don’t have access to it. I asked them if i could send it to Fiverr, but they don’t think its safe to send it over the internet. I’m not sure why they think that, does a passport contain sensitive information?

Is there any other way to confirm my identity. I really want to continue work on this platform :slight_smile:


You should send this message to customer support.


Oh right, will do. Thanks!


I am not sure what Support will say and that are indeed the best authorities for this. I would say to keep in mind that the safety issues go both ways. Your parents have a point that sending identifying info over the net is sensitive and this is especially true for minors. On the other hand, buyers sometimes spend large amounts of money here and they put trust in you as a seller, so Fiverr might be able to reassure buyers by saying that sellers are vetted on a case-by-case basis. It’s one of those tricky things when it comes to e-commerce.

I hate the idea of sending my ID to anyone online but I’ve had to do so in certain situations. For example, I had to send my ID to a big city library so I could get e-books from them. They are too far from me to go there in person and I’d still have to show ID. I have to decide which situations are worth the risk. Best of luck!