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Fiverr verification using ID not working

Hello everyone,

I am a level one seller and has been on the site for about 4 months. Today I got this notification to verify my account with a photo my ID.

I stumbled upon the notification on my mobile app. So I proceeded and it presented me with two options; either to verify with the passport or the driving licenses. For the both options, next step leads to a interface where I have to take a photo of the document. But both the interfaces freezes there and does not allow me to take any photographs.

Then I tried on my computer and it presents me with two option; QR code or a text with a link to my mobile number. I went on with the text option, but I received no text in any of my multiple attempts.

Then I asked around from my peer sellers whom I know personally and they have not received such a verification thing at all.

So I would like to know what is happening; how to verify my account, what happens if I don’t and why the process is such a headache? I would be much obliged if a moderator or some other responsible person looks into this.

With regards,


You’ll need to contact CS - no one here can help you.

There’s a link to the right place from the drop down profile menu in the main site.

I face same problem but then i figure out it.
In your laptop or desktop you secn this by your phone. Then you will get a link, copy link and open YOUR mobile browser (chorme,or any other browser). Paste link there. Then log in there by your email & pass. After your submit your nid card picture.
Hope it will work.

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I too figured a way in.

Got an app to scan the QR code and opened the URL in the web browser in mobile phone. Then it worked.

However, there is a problem with the method because which needs attention of fiverr. I really freaked out.

I figured a way in.

However, thinking of filing a complain because this doesn’t need to be this kind of a riddle. What would you say? Should I make a complain or just let it be since I got it sorted?