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Fiverr "Verify Now" Mobile verification button is not working


I make new account on fiverr create new gig at the finish of the gig it show me verify now button to verify via mobile but button is not working when i click on it it di nothing please solve this issue


Same here, except I did not just create my account. I wanted to publish a gig and I can’t verify my phone number. Nothing happens when I click on the button…

Could you please fix the issue?



It wouldn’t work on Google Chrome, I got to enter the code on Firefox but the Submit button wouldn’t work either. It works on Internet Explorer, for some reason.


only with Internet Explorer??? What horrible site programming! The verify now button won’t work for me on Firefox either. I’m seeing many similar forum topics with the exact same issue! FIX IT.


Hello Everyone of You, I am wondering if it is based on your country. I am from Guyana and i have been directing thousands of individuals towards fiverr.

I only recently had complaints from many persons about the same issues.
#1 the area code for Guyana is 592 fiverr currently has 595

This would make it impossible for them to verify…

The next thing is more scary
#2 Every time someone complains about it the disable the account.

This is a very unfair business practice…

It is called discrimination…

Very Sad that fiverr a company that for the last three years I have sent so many persons too is doing this to the persons that help build their network. Which btw is getting very slow as of late.

I am hoping that they fix this issue as I will start redirecting persons from my network which now has over 200,000 people in it. most of which are Freelancers on the international market place.

FIX IT Please as it will be viewed as discrimination against third world countries. Thank You…


i have the same problem i have received the code
But the SUBMIT CODE button not working for me
any help for this big problem!


It will work only on dekstop.



I think its an issue with fiverr system.


Try typing with number keys on top of keyboard. Same happened with me when i tried typing it with numberpad keys it didn’t do anything but with top number keys it worked.
Alternatively you can use virtual keyboard.


The problem is the SUBMIT CODE BUTTON not working for me when i click on it


Are you doing it on mobile or dekstop ?
Because it may not work properly on mobile.


on dekstop yess
on mobile its not working


Tried different browser ? If it didn’t worked too contact CS.


i have already trying all browser not workin
i send a request for CS waiting reply from them now


It’s not working because your profile is full of lies.

Stop lying about where you are and who you are and the problems will disappear.



Stop using VPN and everything will be fine.


It worked fine for me. Used desktop and I live in the USA. Not sure if that helps but I had no issues.


What do you talking about !!


Yes @emmaki, “what do you talking about”?


I remember responding to a thread that anyone with a VPN will not be able to verify their account, and I was personally attacked for talking nonsense.

Well, I’ve lost count of all threads with users saying verification is failing, and I’m not saying all of them, but MOST of them are because of that.

Some of them could be due to Fiverr’s buggy code, for sure.