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Fiverr "Verify Now" Mobile verification button is not working


It worked for me. I used Mobile Phone to verify my phone #. I logged in on Fiverr using Chrome, then I switch to Desktop Mode on the settings of the Chrome Browser. Then I downloaded the Hackers Keyboard and I enabled it. Then I enter the 4 digit # and the submit button turned green. And that’s it. It worked that way!

Has Anyone had Problems Verifying their Phone?

Its not cashe/ cookies/ or browser issue. Just use number from TOP of keyboard not from right sided secure box numbers.
Check attached picture.
Solution picture



I contact fiverr support 2 times for same issue but till this problem is unsolved.


Hi there!
Here is solution! Fiverr support give me that and it really work for me.

Some users have reported issues while entering the code on their keyboard with the numpad. If you are typing from the numpad, could you please try clearing your cache and cookies, then using the number keys from the alphanumeric section instead? (the number keys in a row above the letter keys)

Please let me know how it goes.


Good to hear if you solved your issue.


Same here tried multiple browsers when i click the verify button nothing happens, eventually i just left the webpage open for a few minutes then it worked for some reason. This was on my desktop using chrome.


It is a browser issue i tried it on my mobile phones chrome and it worked but on my desktop it does not click


Not sure if this will help you guys.

I have a Macbook so when I entered numbers, the submit button didn’t work. I switched to safari instead of Chrome but there’s nothing happened. Then I accidently tap Cmd + number on keyboard, that worked!


Hello, I am having the same problem what do I do?


That hacker keyboard idea is the ultimate solution for submitting the codes. If you using mobile desktop on google chrome


Follow @marvintalaro’s suggestion. Use the hacker’s keyboard after changing to desktop settings on chrome. It will work that way. Although it was only the verify by call that turned green for me, it is still better than nothing.


To everyone here, If you are doing it on mobile phone try downloading Hackers keyboard it worked for me and the submit button issue will be resolved when you input numbers from this keyboard. Its just the fiverr input box not recognising your input values. You are all Welcome :blush::blush:


What does this even mean? Tapping cmd alone does nothing. Holding command while you type the numbers does nothing.


Same thing happens to me but I solved the issue.
First type all four code then delete two of then and then try you will surely get success to submit.
But I have a issue after that it says that the code is not four digits what the hell is happening in this type of big website.
This really make me upset.


How is this issue finally resolved? I seem to be in a non-ending verification loop?


I am having the same trouble. Could it be because my business phone is a go-daddy number?


I dont understand why it has become so much difficult to create a gig … its so annoying to get stuck on certain stages … first i got stuck at the image upload option now m stuck at this mobile verification code issue … m not using any vpn or proxy … m using chrome … i also have used the hacker keyboard but still no progress … why fiverr is not taking action on these bugs …


It’s the number entry system. It is wrong. Fiver thinks that phone layouts have spaces in a particular way that no-one can guess because it’s wrong. the +44 comes up, but when I enter my mobile number the “submit” button doesn’t appear. However, when you put a space in there, it lights up for some reason.

Fiver, you NEED to fix this.


Hi, Im having the same problem. Ive tried on a laptop and the submit button doesn’t go green, I’ve tried on my mobile phone and it doesn’t even give me the option. Any help?


Yes It’s worked. Thank you