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Fiverr "Verify Now" Mobile verification button is not working


It’s worked for me when I used digits from top of the keyboard. I have tried many times to input digits with numeric keypad, but failed.


Neither mobile nor desktop is working. I can’t even click the send email verification and putting my number does squat since both boxes are grey and can’t be clicked on.


thank you very much for you help . you are a good person


It keeps saying, “Oops… you have not entered 4 digits. Please check your input and try again.”, after I hit the submit button.


I’ve tried to verify my phone number from my iPad and iPhone, I don’t have a desktop or laptop. I’ve tried Chrome and Safari and clearing the cache.

Anyone else figure it out? Please help…thanks!


Still having the same problem with the “Verify by SMS” or “Verify by Call” with the button being greyed out after entering in my number. Has anyone found an answer? I tried clearing my cache but nothing works at all. Starting to get frustrated :frowning:


try to use the numbers on your keyboard (located above the letters) instead of the numeric keypad (which can be found on the right side of the keyboard).


use the numbers of the up keyboard not the side , I was suffering but the problem was solved


Hello everyone…

Mobile verification only work on desktop.


It worked for me. Thanks a lot. I was having the same problem of verifying phone. The numpad was not working. Following your suggestion, I used number keys on the top of keyboard. And it worked. Hurrah!


I think if we try with chrome desktop incognito version, it will work (because sometimes some features is work in incognito version, don’t know why, maybe bug). Also write number with upper number buttons on keyboard (not on where number buttons arranged in saprate space in the right side of keyboard).

I am not sure, let me know if anyone found worked this idea.


Hi, I am also trying to verify my phone number. I have used chrome Firefox on both mobile and desktop but it still not working.

I receive OTP but submit button is not working properly. I’m from India. Now, it shows that your device have network issue.

How the bad experience with verification.


I am using a vpn because fiverr does not accept my country (lebanon) on the phone.
I have yet to try it on my laptop but i think it’s impossible


I had this same problem. Couldn’t type in my phone number using Firefox, Explorer/Edge/whatever, or Chrome. Gave it a go on my iPad (the default Safari browser) and it worked perfectly without any hassle.


I am having the same issue. it showed too many attempts wait for 48 hours , I have already waited for 48 hours still its showing the same message help please


Hi, it is easy to solve. If you are getting an error that you need to wait for 24 hours then you need to immediately send a message to Fiverr customer support centre and tell them about your problem.

After that, they will fix your account and remove this error and again you will avail to verify your mobile number.

I had the same error past and I contacted cs, they replied in just 6 hours and solved my problem!

Also, some new sellers are getting the problem when they verify their mobile number, the error is:- “after submitting the confirmation code, submit button is not working or going green”

This is Fiverr server-side HTML (web programming) error and here below the post, where I have mentioned an amazing idea that will surely solve this problem:-:slight_smile:

Hope this can solve your problem!:slight_smile::+1:


this is how I succeed mobile number verification.

  1. You must use number pad. do not use the other.
  2. Type the code one by one . then you will notice that cursor will auto focus into next text box.
  3. After typing 4th number, press tab key
  4. Then Click either Enter key or click on the submit button


Same here I. Have been trying to change my mail it keeps telling. Me change the network and some other things…

I have used different Wi-Fi yet not working fiverr help please


I have already said in upper reply, you need to immediately contact CS and tell them about your problem. They will check and fix your account for network problem and you will be again avail to verify your phone number. Also, don’t forget that submit button is not work properly in some cases after entering authentication pin in 4 boxes!

So we careful about this problem and know the way frist which work in regarding this issue!


Hello everyone,

if you still have this verification problem just use chrome’s private browser (incognito) . This is the only way that i used to fix this problem .