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Fiverr "Verify Now" Mobile verification button is not working


This is happening to me I’m in Brisbane Australia. The verify now button is not working when I put in verification number for to sell on fivver. I only signed up not long ago. Why is this?


What for mobilee


Use a laptop to set up yur fiverr account … thats what i did and it worked!


I have same issue & i solved it!. Try in-build keyboard


I had the same problem. I used the hackers keyboard
and got stuck at the verification code. Just resend your number and you will recieve a new code. It took five tries and five new codes but eventually accepted the verification code.


Just use the number keys on top of the keyboard instead of the number pad at right. It will solve the problem.


Thank you so much. Everyone if you have the same problem, please follow his advice


Thanks for your advice!


this. this is the solution.


You can remove browser cookies or reinstall your browser.


On mobile if you using chrome. Click the menu setting (three dots @top right)
Then click request desktop site
And thats it


On an Android phone. No PC. Had to add and Manage Addresses in order to input number code, but submit button was still greyed out, on Chrome and Firefox (mobile and desktop versions of site).

Finally installed Hackers Keyboard. Opened from Google Play Store, Enabled, Restarted phone, Switched to the Hackers Keyboard.

I was able to just input the code with the normal numbers on the keyboard, and the submit button turned bright blue; pressed the button and was able to save my now verified number.


thank you that worked typing upper keyboard numbers