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Fiverr "Verify Now" Mobile verification button is not working

Thanks man, yo are a solution provider

Hi, from play store install a new key board and try again. It is working.:+1:

Hi Everyone,

For Desktop or Laptop User;

STEP 1: go to your TASKBAR

Type in your Mobile # using that then click VERIFY.

Hope this will help you :smiley:

It worked! Thank you so much!!

Thanks broo <3, real life saver haha

If it’s on an android phone and you are using Google Chrome, then try using hacker’s keyboard, you can download it from playstore. Also, this keyboard can have your passwords and credit card numbers if you type via this app, hence, I suggest that use this keyboard only during verification process, and switch back to your old keyboard for later process. Although, hacker’s keyboard is pretty good and I haven’t seen many complaints about it’s security and stuff.

Hacker’s keyboard is a great idea

Nice Informative post, Like it

Hi there!

If you’re using a desktop, just use the number keys on top of the keyboard. It worked for me.

Hope this helps…

I can’t verify my phone number for verification both on my pc and on my phone… the option will not appear… please what should I do?

Also another problem comes out…

Please help me out

I had the same issue (I’m on mobile) But I have a solution for the “submit code” not turning green.

Usually everyone just types the number and it won’t turn green. You don’t need no special keyboard or anything to get it to work, all you have to do is hold the numbers you’re typing and it should work. You know you typed the number once it moves you to the next space. Hope that helps the issue.

I’m having same submit button issue, it won’t highlight green so that I can submit my verification code. I’ve been stocked at that point for days now. Please I need urgent help

I was having the same problem while using mobile. Then I tried from Desktop and it worked!.. :slightly_smiling_face: