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Fiverr veteran returning to service

After losing my job to COVID-19 I have returned to Fiverr for some income. I first joined in 2010 and I stopped Fiverr due to work commitments in 2015. As such it’s been a while and some feedback on my current gigs would be useful. Along with any advice or tips on how Fiverr has changed over the years?
My Fiverr gigs:

Not sure if my gigs are overpriced or underpriced, along with how my profile comes across.

Thanks in advance,
Wolfhowler (Peter)

Welcome back.

“that will be sure to gain the 5*s I used to get regularly”.

Suggest you remove the above from your profile description.

A lot has changed since you were last here and any mention (anywhere) of reviews and stars is best avoided.

Also, make sure to carefully read the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Prices are great since you are level two seller.

You have an amazing “starting” point here since you have all the level 2 seller perks but you are “new” here.
If I was on your spot and if someone gave me level two account to start off from I would use all the benefits from it. Make more GIGs, Gigs multiple, each put different thumbnails and taglines and tag words to attract people to your profile.

Read TOS and come back here and check high profile topics regarding how to improve gigs.

It so refreshing to see new seller who is not here to sell logos (we had 1000 new logo designers in just last couple of days so… crazy times)

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You pricing is very competitive so I wouldn’t worry about that.

I probably would’ve removed the part where you are saying that you lost your job during covid. You can just say you returned to fiverr due to covid situation but it might me not the best strategy to make them feel bad, putty or obligated. You never know how people can react on that.

I would also advise to remove “as British university graduate” it might be taken as providing academic work and its forbidden on fiverr nowadays

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Thank you for your replies so far, great response and some solid points to take into account. I shall edit my profile accordingly and look forward to starting some Fiverr orders again soon.


That’s a huge number of sellers. This is directed towards any long standing Fiverr sellers. Has the user base of Fiverr increased over the years? Have you seen more competition from other sellers or do the amount of gigs reflect the amount of work coming in? I used to be one of the only sellers offering screencasts, now I see there is a whole category for them!

You have 5-20 max requests for logo each day and to each of that order, 300-1000 sellers apply.

You have 100000 logo designers without even 1 completed order. And you also have those who do have 1-10 orders they bought it from each other (one logo designer buys logo from the other to gain reviews).

And this was before COVID, after COVID you have logo category being suffocated and photoshop and video explainer, everything that can be done online through online platforms without any skill, you have sellers for that offering it here.

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For your proofreading GIG for example, you have 12876 sellers offering this, and 8500 have not even one sale.
So once you enter the picture with your Level two badge and little bit of SEO in your description, you are set. Me, and my proofreading GIG, if I get one order for each fifth of yours … o happy day.

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I am yet to have an order but only made my gigs active again 24 hours ago. As such, I am trying to respond to buyer requests wherever I can to get my first order or two. Any other advice for a first order? It used to be much simpler 5 years ago when you were the monopoly in a category!