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Fiverr Video Communication Feature

Hello hope you are doing well peeps,

I’m with a client right now we are working on a monthly deal and orders and we faced a problem in fact Fiverr doesn’t have a video call feature integrated on a his message panel and it’s really really a lack and big loss.

Honestly it will be an amazing feature in the future it will help on :

  • Giving more authenticity to the buyer.
  • Can Save a lot of time to both buyer and seller.
  • Avoid working with non professionals.
  • And most of all : avoid moving to an other platform in order to make quick call.

What do you guys think ? is it a good feature or not ? how do you do when you must have a call with your client (Such as an interview, podcast, record and many examples) ?

Ps : if someone know a Fiverr’s dev or Administration Stuff, make sure to ping him or send him this topic

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