Fiverr Video Contest


And the winner is… not me;-)

After a two- day delay the Fiverr team decided to announce the winner of their video contest on the respective FB app somewhere on a very well hidden space:

"Congratulations to the winner… Mike Vannelli"

That’s it. No message “thanks for your participation?” or anything like that,

no explanation, no nothing.

I don’t even know who Mike Vannelli is and how his video looks like.

I am really disappointed now:-(
I had all my heart in the video.

Here it is if you are interested:

Actually, I just watched it again and it cheered me up a little:-)

Take care everybody and have a great day...


Yep reminds my of a face book contest I was in for some thing elst,And the same thing happened where no one could even find the video until way latter and everyone was like wtf. For you girl so should have win.


Reply to @arnevb:

Nice video mmsolutionsltd.

Wish there was something I could do arnevb. Hug it out?



thank you!!!

@youtubefun @arnevb

I feel the same. Just imagine if we sellers would handle our gigs that way… this would be a very deserted place;-)

Now it feels a bit like there was no video contest ever…

'And maybe there wasn’t’

adds my conspiracy theorist friend sitting right next to me :wink:


Reply to @arnevb: What the heck. You made this video? And it didn’t win? I didn’t see the winning entry, but what you put together looks AWESOME and like it could be on TV. Well done! You’re very talented.



thank you, and your video is awesome!!!


It is a shame that they don’t hand out some kind of special awards or just some recognition and showcase all those different creative approaches.

What a waste…


See if you can even find his video


I can only see one video that says mike but that cant be it for its still video front pic is the middle finger like what jr high kids do


see even a closer look. Is this a sign???


Reply to @youtubefun:

you are right, that can’t be it :-)))


Still… no appreciation, no message, nothing.

Pathetic, after all the work and passion invested by so many people in this contest.

But at least it’s official now, the middle-finger video won:-)

Well done, I guess Mike had the right attitude towards this contest.


For those that are interested here is Mike’s video, I like it


Reply to @madmoo: Here’s the link if that helps

Vimeo, Your Videos Belong Here

Edit: Oh, it automatically turns into a video. Darn it


I had a very different approach in my video (animation & hip-hop) but I can compare Mike’s video and arnevb’s video very well as they were obviously on a similar track.

It’s not only the light that puts me off Mike’s video, it’s also the artificial overacting, the predictability and the 80’s coldness.

Arnevb’s video radiates a warm human atmosphere, is professionally filmed, and engages. It makes people curious about Fiverr and creates sympathy.

It is a mile above the winning video imho.

I had a bunch of friends over last night and I made them decide between those two and it ended up to zero. Wham!

In a real poll it’s very hard to imagine to get the same contest result as Fiverr did.

Makes me wonder how Fiverr’s decision was manufactured…

Btw: Still no message / acknowledgment etc by Fiverr. As if it never happened… Weird…


There will be many more competitions to try and win in the future.

@Oranjegirl and myself won a video contest in Year 1 of Fiverr, so it is possible!!