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Fiverr Video keeps getting declined?


Hey I bought a great ROYALTY free song, and I think Fiver’s not accepting my video because of this. I’ve read through the boards and have set format to the ones they recommended (a slightly smaller because the video doesn’t fit then)

Anyway here’s the video on my youtube, please let me know if you can tell if i am doing something wrong:

Ofcourse Fiverr’s customer support is basically non existent as are any functional instructions about what to upload and what not to…terribly irritating


Last time I checked the Fiverr guidelines, videos should not be over one minute. I have at least one gig video that got approved that is over one minute but not much.

It seems that your video would be very easy to edit shorter without losing your content.

You also need to add a graphic that states “Exclusively on Fiverr” to get approved.