Fiverr video upload "denied"--why?


I posted a relevant video related to the gig I was selling, this is the video link.

If it was too small, wouldn’t it notify me of that before trying to upload it? I’ve seen much longer videos as well on here.

What is the issue? Why won’t it atleast tell me why it was denied?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.


i don’t think its too long, my own video’s are just over 35 seconds.

did you mention that your gig is offered on ‘fiverr’? or exclusively on fiverr? was the video over 50mb?

most often fiverr will tell you why your video was denied and give some tips to rectify the problem… have you contacted support? they might help out.

All the best mate…



The most obvious thing I see (or don’t see) is you have to say “Exclusively on”. In addition to saying it, it helps to have the words in text on screen.