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Fiverr views, impressions and clicks dropped... Any tips? :)

Hey everyone! So, 2 days ago I updated my gig tags and made some minor changes. Yesterday I got about 40 views (which is good for a starter like me), and a considerable amount of clicks and impressions, but today they’ve dropped to 0. I have heard some suggest you put popular tags, while others advise otherwise. What would you suggest? Thank you! :slight_smile:

I would advise you to be patient. It has only been two days, and even then, those two days have been the weekend. Don’t expect immediate success, it rarely ever happens. In fact, it may take weeks – even months – for a gig to pick up enough steam (be a new gig, or a newly edited gig).

Thanks for the advice. I just thought that it was kind of odd how it went from my highest number of impressions, clicks, etc. to my lowest in a matter of days. I’ve also heard that there’s been a change in Fiverr’s algorithm, so maybe that also plays a role. I am definitely not going for immediate success here :P. Just thought I could ask for others’ pieces of advice

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Fiverr is always changing and improving their algorithm, so it is unwise to rely upon (and expect) the Fiverr search results to be your only source of impressions and sales.